Can you answer my question about Eclipse?
Maybe! If I know how. As I state in the About page, you are always welcome to ask me an Eclipse question either through this site, on my Twitter, or by dropping me an e-mail at my gmail account, alicetchang. (You know how to end it, hopefully. Trying to keep it spam-free by not actually posting the link.)

Can you answer my question about Case Catalyst/Digital CAT/Steno CAT?
No. (Unless you want to buy me a copy of the said steno software.)

Can you fix my computer?

How do you make your videos?
I use <a href="http://www.screencast-o-matic.com to record the video, and Universal Subtitles to make the captions!

I thought this was a steno software blog. What’s up with all the food?
Nothing, I just like food.

Panino con bollito. I'm still confused as to why the only place to find this is in Florence, Italy. This could beat out hamburgers for sheer deliciousness.

Best food EVER.


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