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Lock Space

What is a lock space? A lock space is like a hyphen masquerading as a space. It looks like a regular space, but it keeps the two words it’s separating on the same line. This is useful for Dr./Mr./Ms./St. etc. where it … Continue reading

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Keyboard Macro

Here is a video showing you how to get Eclipse to write into other programs such as Microsoft Word, an IM program, or your web browser. If you’re tired of regular keyboard slowing you down or you just want more … Continue reading

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Changing the Splash Screen

If you don’t know what a splash screen is, here’s a screen shot of what Eclipse looks like when I open it up. Notice how that generic Eclipse logo is gone? Yeah, that’s what changing the splash screen does. Here’s … Continue reading

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Getting rid of that watermark

This is something probably most of you already know, but just in case you didn’t, or if you’re new to Eclipse, here’s how to get rid of that pesky ECLIPSE watermark on the background of your transcript. Alt+O or whatever … Continue reading

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