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Slop Strokes

I recently rediscovered slop strokes, so I thought I’d post about them. I’ve known about them for a long time, but rarely used them because they’re kind of a pain to enter and are only useful in limited circumstances. What … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Eclipse from Mocking You

When your computer mocks you for not accurately recording an Indian computer engineer who doesn’t so much talk as just approximate the shapes of phrases by slurring three or four words together at a time: (The odd indentation is actually … Continue reading

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Lock Space

What is a lock space? A lock space is like a hyphen masquerading as a space. It looks like a regular space, but it keeps the two words it’s separating on the same line. This is useful for Dr./Mr./Ms./St. etc. where it … Continue reading

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Here’s question that came up recently: Where’s the Eclipse manual? They don’t send a paper copy with your disk, but they do give you a .pdf of it. You just gotta know where to find it. C:\Program Files\Advantage Software\EclipseNT\Documentation There’s … Continue reading

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Integral Prefixes and Suffixes, AKA How to speed up dictionary build

Tired of having to global entries like TKOG, TKOGZ, TKOGD, TKOGDZ separately? That’s what this entry is for! Below, I give instructions on how to set up Eclipse so when you global, it will suggest entries for different forms of … Continue reading

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