How to Prevent Eclipse from Mocking You

When your computer mocks you for not accurately recording an Indian computer engineer who doesn’t so much talk as just approximate the shapes of phrases by slurring three or four words together at a time:


(The odd indentation is actually a redaction.)

Anyway, Eclipse has never done that to me before, but I quickly realized it was because the previous day they had the witness read some file paths into the record, and file paths on Windows use a backslash, \, instead of a forward slash, /, which is used in URLs and most other things. So I put the backslash into my dictionary. I knew it wasn’t quite right at the time because it was conflict-colored, but I let it slide because it seemed to show up all right. Cut to today and I all of a sudden have Eclipse throwing question marks at me like I’ve gone crazy? Can’t be a coincidence. I clicked on the ??? and checked the steno. Sure enough, it was a typo that looked like my entry for a backslash.  Turns out you have to use the curly brackets and an underscore to tell the dictionary you want it to display that character and it’s not for some other purpose (in this case, it would be starting a conflict entry). So like this: {_\}

This also solved another problem that arose while they were reading the file path names: underscores. I couldn’t get that to show up at all, but if you do the brackets and underscore (twice in this case), you do indeed get an underscore to show up. Looks like this: {__}


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