Lock Space

What is a lock space?

A lock space is like a hyphen masquerading as a space. It looks like a regular space, but it keeps the two words it’s separating on the same line. This is useful for Dr./Mr./Ms./St. etc. where it would be odd to see one of those hanging at the end of a line. You won’t be able to see it unless you have print commands turned on under display*, but it’ll be there.

How do you make a lock space in Eclipse?

When editing, press shift + ` (the little key above the tab and left of 1). (I personally don’t like that because what if I need to type out a tilde (~) for whatever reason? It’s really unlikely I’d ever have to unless I were  CARTing some sort of language/linguistics course, maybe? But I changed it to  ctrl + ` anyway.)

For dictionary entries, enter {~}. (Ex: Dr.{~}). You can press ctrl + ` if you are too lazy to type in the brackets like me. (This also works for most punctuation marks! Ex: ctrl + . = {.} in the global box.)

It’s so much easier than spacing/tabbing to force a word to the next line and you won’t have to worry about re-spacing if you need to change something in the previous line while proofreading.


*To turn on print commands, alt + U -> Display tab -> check box 4, print commands. The lockspace won’t be in gray like a regular print a command; instead it will look exactly like a tilde (~).


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