Decompression Error

Sorry I haven’t updated in forever. Been busy WITH DOING DEPOS. It is still amazing this is real.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick warning about this “decompression error” that I received from Eclipse after a BSOD crashed my computer. If you ever see this error, DON’T PANIC. Calm down, eat a cookie, and just rename the file. It took me longer than it should have to figure that out, and then I ended up losing like 10 minutes of work because I had tried to revert from one of the backup files and didn’t have a backup of the fully-scoped file. OOPS. (On the bright side, this whole mess taught me that I can, indeed, tell Mozy to automatically backup .ecl files without having to manually check them. Yay!)


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Court reporter, Child of the Internet, Not Tech Support. Okay, maybe basic tech support, but that's it!
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