Here’s question that came up recently: Where’s the Eclipse manual? They don’t send a paper copy with your disk, but they do give you a .pdf of it. You just gotta know where to find it.

C:\Program Files\Advantage Software\EclipseNT\Documentation

There’s more than just the manual in here though. There’s a couple of other useful things in here. I highly recommend you check out the following files if you’re still getting acquainted with hyperkeys or if you just want to expand your current repertoire. They cover more or less the same info – all your macro commands – but they are arranged differently.

  • Total Eclipse Hyperkeys: chart of macros arranged according to keyboard layout.
  • Total Eclipse Quick Guide – Alphabetically (by function, not key)
  • Total Eclipse Commands – By topic (production, search, global, etc.)

There’s also a prefix & suffix kit, which is nice if you’re dictionary building and would like a giant list of affixes to enter. It also explains how to add prefixes and suffixes in your dictionary if you don’t already know how.

If you’re doing CART or captioning, there’s the Eclipse Realtime Kit, which focuses on explaining macros used specifically for editing in realtime. I can’t wait to try some of these out — gotta get out of school first, though.


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