Changing the Splash Screen

If you don’t know what a splash screen is, here’s a screen shot of what Eclipse looks like when I open it up.

Beans, beans, the musical fruit...

Notice how that generic Eclipse logo is gone? Yeah, that’s what changing the splash screen does.

Here’s how:

In Eclipse, press ctrl+f twice. Once will open up your file manager, but the second time opens up the Windows folder where your files are. (This is a really useful shortcut for those of us who hate the file manager.)

Once you’re in the Windows folder, click up to the Eclipse NT folder and there you will see a file named splash.jpg. Simply replace that file with whatever you want. The new file MUST be in .jpg format and it MUST be named “splash” or it won’t work. If you prefer to just have an empty gray background, then just delete the original splash.jpg file.


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