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Insert Text Here Macros

Yay! I got my first request. @Courtreporterbd asked about setting up macros for inserting text (ex: “All right.” “, you know,” “uh-huh.”), so I’m going to do a little tutorial on the easy way to do macros using insert text … Continue reading

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Changing the Splash Screen

If you don’t know what a splash screen is, here’s a screen shot of what Eclipse looks like when I open it up. Notice how that generic Eclipse logo is gone? Yeah, that’s what changing the splash screen does. Here’s … Continue reading

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Integral Prefixes and Suffixes, AKA How to speed up dictionary build

Tired of having to global entries like TKOG, TKOGZ, TKOGD, TKOGDZ separately? That’s what this entry is for! Below, I give instructions on how to set up Eclipse so when you global, it will suggest entries for different forms of … Continue reading

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Getting rid of that watermark

This is something probably most of you already know, but just in case you didn’t, or if you’re new to Eclipse, here’s how to get rid of that pesky ECLIPSE watermark on the background of your transcript. Alt+O or whatever … Continue reading

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Export Transcript as an RTF

This entry is for users of Eclipse Student Software. On the professional version of the software, you should be able to go to Export and select RTF. For students, however, this option is disabled. Oh, no! you say? Yes, I … Continue reading

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